The furniture in a salon plays an important role, and the type you choose can have a significant impact on the experience for both clients and stylists. Generic and off-the-shelf options may be adequate for some businesses, but others require furniture that is specifically designed for the beauty industry to maximize both comfort and functionality.

Styling chairs are the foundation of any salon, and they need to be comfortable for clients and stylists to use. They need to be sturdy enough for repeated reclining and swiveling while they are being used, and they should feature a design that complements the salon’s aesthetic. Many styling chair manufacturers offer customization options, so that the chairs can be personalized to fit the salon’s style and personality.

Hairstylists can see 8 to 12 clients a day, so they need chairs that are comfortable and durable. A quality salon chair should be able to handle repeated usage and the frequent cleaning that comes with it, which means that the upholstery must be resistant to heat, color, bleach, and other chemicals used in the salon environment. Some types of upholstery require specialized cleaning products, while others can be easily cleaned with common household items.

Shampoo stations are another common salon fixture that can make or break the client and stylist experience. They must be comfortable for clients, and they should also be easy for stylists to maneuver around with a blowdryer in hand without bumping into the seat or running into a sink or mirror. Salon shampoo stations come in a variety of styles and features, so you can find one that fits your salons needs.

Manicure chairs are another essential piece of salon furniture that can help to set a spa apart from other types of beauty salons. These chairs are typically larger in size and have a relaxing massage function, helping to provide a more luxurious and enjoyable experience for clients. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes, so that you can find the perfect look to match your salons décor.

Choosing high-quality custom salon equipment and furniture can improve hygiene, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance productivity in your salon. In addition, it can help to create a more functional and inviting atmosphere for both clients and stylists, which in turn can lead to increased revenue for your salon.